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One service of the Colorado Chapter of the ICC is to offer you these building guides for projects around your home, based on the 2003, 2006, or 2009 ICC code.
2003 2006 2009 2003 Espanol 2006 Espanol 2009 Espanol
Basement Basement Basement Sótano Sótano
Garage Garage Garage Garage Garaje Garaje
Decks Decks Decks Decks Cubierta Cubierta
Roof Roof Roof Roof Azotea Azotea
Addition Addition Addition Addition Adición Adición
Patio Cover Patio Cover Patio Cover/Carport Patio Cover Cubierta del patio/Cochera Cubierta del patio/Cochera
Enclosing a Patio Enclosing a Patio Enclosing a Patio Cerco de un patio Cerco de un patio
Pole Barn Pole Barn
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